Red is often seen during the Chinese New Year and other important holidays. It is symbolic of good luck, strength, and it is the color of the element of fire. As red is associated with joy, it is forbidden at funerals. Red is traditionally worn at weddings by the bride and groom to ensure a harmonious marriage.


Yellow is considered the color of royalty, sacredness, and solemnity. It also represents the element earth. It symbolizes the five legendary emperors of ancient China. It is associated with good fortune and heroism. Chinese Buddhists wear this color during times of mourning.


Representing the element of wood, blue symbolizes trust, calmness and immortality. It represents advancement in one's career, and it is encouraged to use the color liberally in the marketing of goods and services.


Pink is not identified as being only a color for females. Pink is a good color for guests to wear to a Chinese wedding as red is usually worn by the bride. A guest wearing red would be offensive as it is seen as taking attention away from the bride.


The color green symbolizes long life, congeniality, tranquility and wealth. Men in China will not wear green hats as it symbolizes that their partner is being unfaithful. Green is considered very soothing and inspires one to be positive.


Predominantly worn at funerals, white is the color of death in the Chinese culture. White is only to be worn at funerals and not at any other time. It also represents bad luck, failure and stupidity.


It is associated with equality and righteousness. Opposite of the western belief of black being associated with evil and darkness, in China it symbolizes heaven and it is the elemental color of water.

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