Send chocolates to your loved one in China

Ordering a box of chocolate to be delivered to the person of your choice living in China is easy as a few clicks. We can deliver a wide range of chocolates anywhere in China.

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Ferrero Rocher Fine...

Regular price $28.90 Price $26.01

Brand: Ferrero Rocher

Type: Hazelnut chocolate

Quantity: One box of 8...

Ferrero Rocher Fine...

Price $34.90

Brand: Ferrero Rocher

Type: Fine hazelnut chocolate box

Quantity: One...

Dove Box of Chocolates

Price $26.90

Brand: Dove

Type: Chocolates

Volume: 98g, 150g

Delivery method:...

Lindt Chocolate Truffles

Price $55.90

Brand: Lindt

Type: Chocolate Truffles

Quantity: One pack