Send boxed flowers to China

Flowers are the best way to express love, happiness, sorrow and appreciation. It is the most expressive gift that one can send. It can effectively convey the message to the recipient without the need of words. However, merely sending a bunch of flowers is not an attractive way of making someone feel special. This is when we come into the picture.

We promise to arrange the flowers in the most stunning way so that the recipient feels special. In our exclusively category of boxed flowers, there are different designs and collections that can bring a smile on your face. We will also send boxed flowers to China on your request.

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The boxed flowers «...

Price ¥448.00

Large heart shape pink box with lid visible inside.

16 red roses accented...

The box of flowers «...

Price ¥488.00

Medium pink heart shape box with lid visible inside.

16 stunning pink roses...

The box of flowers « I...

Price ¥218.00

Long square pink box with lid a part visible inside.

3 stems of red roses...

Box of 9 red roses

Price ¥249.00

9 red roses arranged in a beautiful gift box.

Box of 19 red roses

Price ¥349.00

19 red roses arranged in a beautiful box.